Looking Into Heart Disease in Women

Heart disease in women is something that a person you love may experience. There are many symptoms that will help you stay aware of the problem. Plus great tips that can help you avoid the onset of this problem. Learn them and you may add on some extra years to your life.This used to be a problem and still is one that more men will face in life. But through the years more and more women are becoming more likely to die of this disease than other problems. In fact a women has six times more of a chance of dying from heart disease than breast cancer. More women will die from heart disease when they are over 65 than any other cancer deaths combined.Symptoms that a women may face from heart disease are not the same as one that men will face either. So learning these symptoms can save your life if you are a woman and feel that you may be at risk for heart disease.For both men and women there will be some sort of pain or pressure that they will feel in their chest. You may feel pain in the shoulder, neck or upper back too. While a shortness of breath may be another symptom you can experience.Other symptoms that women may experience include sweating, unusual fatigue, nausea, or dizziness. If you feel these symptoms they may not be something that will be obvious either. They can be something that will only bother you every once in a while.To help lower the risk of the disease you will need to lower your cholesterol and exercise. If you have high blood pressure you need to find medicine to help and also begin a program to help you lose weight.While even depression and stress can affect you more than what it would a man. Find ways to get your health better and disease may be something that will not affect you.

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