Heart Disease in Women

When it comes to Diseases of The Heart, men usually come off worse than women. It seems that men have a much higher chance of developing the condition than women do though that is not to say that women do not develop the condition. They do, though most women who suffer form the condition are over a certain age.Women and Diseases of The HeartIt is thought that in America there are eight million women living with Heart Disease and of those it is estimated that just over 400,000 women have heart attacks each year. The condition is in fact one of the most deadly and it is one of the biggest killers of women each year.As mentioned the age of the woman does seem to make a difference. Once a woman has been through the menopause, the chances of her developing Heart Problems arise dramatically. Whilst men do have the highest chance of developing the condition, if they do have Diseases of The Heart and suffer a heart attack, the chances of them recovering are a lot better than if a woman suffering from the same condition had a heart attack.In fact, it seems that Heart Disease in women is actually a lot more fatal than Heart Disease in men. As for how the condition develops, it is slightly different to how it develops within males.In males the disease tends to develop in the main, larger coronary arteries, but with women it tends to develop in the smaller arteries. This could be the reason why there are more fatalities in women than in men. It seems that a complete lack of understanding does not help many women as they believe it will not affect them and if it does it is not particularly serious. So, just what can be done?Well firstly women need to start taking care of themselves more. Smoking, eating unhealthily and a lack of exercise will not help so you need to choose a healthier lifestyle. Also, low cholesterol level needs to be kept so ensure that you have regular check ups with the doctor just to be sure!Overall Heart Disease in women is a big problem despite people’s lack of knowledge on the subject. Women do need to start thinking of their health and by choosing a healthier lifestyle they will be contributing towards preventing the condition. So, whilst Heart Disease tends to affect more men, it still affects women and it is often more deadly in women too.

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