Heart Disease in Women – Prevention

How common heart disease in women is ponders lots of people. In response to this, heart diseases occur most in women than in men.One of the causes of heart attacks in women is the inactivity associated with women after delivery. This is more reason women should be put under close examination after delivery to avert the occurrence of this deadly disease.According to American heart association report, heart attacks account for one third of all deaths in women and it is also the leading cause of death in women over the age of 50 in America.Heart disease in women which is mild in nature is called Angina Pectoris. This is a mild heart attack that is characterized by reversible chest pain which can last up to five minutes. Women heart attack symptoms of this nature are feelings of pressure or sense of numbness, heaviness behind the breast bone or across the chest.What causes heart disease in women of this nature is usually poor circulation and decreased oxygen supply to the heart muscles. This type of heart disease occurs in both men and women but more common in women. It is relieved by rest or by special medication.In general, heart disease in women starts 10 years later than men due to the protective effects of the female hormone, estrogen, before menopause. However, after menopause, when the level of estrogen is low, the rate of heart attack increases.American Heart Association reports that smoking triples the risk of heart attack. Cigarette smoking also lowers the age for initial heart attack more in women than for men, hence heart disease in women increases. Long term data collected on 80,000 women in America over 14 years period showed that women who consume at least 400mg of folic acid per day and more than 3mg of vitamin B6 can cut their risk of heart attack by nearly half. Vitamin E, an anti oxidant has been shown to reduce heart attack. Data is increasing that having adequate calcium intake (1.500mg daily) for menopausal and post-menopausal women is important for optimal cardiac health as well as bone health. The good thing here is that heart disease in women can be reduced by getting the daily vitamins requirement through properly prepared daily multi vitamins which is easier to get.

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